Why should you never have your car machine washed

If you are a car fanatic or someone who is just a little OCD about their car, then you have probably figured out by now that it is far better to hand wash your car, over having it machine washed. Whenever you hear someone talking about how they found this great place that has a “new automated car wash system” it probably makes you want to pull your hair out. Just sitting there thinking about how their car’s paint job just went through hell and back, as it was sandwiched between those spinning poles of, what could only be described as “sand-paper”. It makes you cringe doesn’t it?

Well, here are a few reasons you could give folks like these when they want to know why the convenience of a machine wash isn’t actually all that… well… convenient.

1.      It damages your paint:

Automated car washes see hundreds of dirty cars come through them daily. Owners at these car washes replace the actual washing fibers maybe once a year and if you are lucky, twice. Now can you just imagine the dirt and sand that gets stuck in those tiny fibers over the span of six months? These machine car washes leave your paint with thousands of tiny scratches that eventually eat through your clear coat.

When you use a machine car wash you may as well wash your car with light grit sand-paper…

2.      Long-run maintenance costs:

Firstly, hand washing your car is a lot cheaper than having it machine washed. Secondly, because the machine’s filthy brushes scratch the paint, it eventually works through the top clear-coat layer of paint. When this happens, your paint is left unprotected and therefore susceptible to rust, sun-damage, fading etc. In the long run, if left untreated (i.e. not waxed), this will result in extensive repair costs to renew your car’s paint.

Part of this damage is caused by the cheap products machine car washes use to keep their costs low. These cheap products tend to be acidic and slowly erode your paint surface.

3.      Your pride and joy:

The last reason why you should never have your car machine washed is purely because of the difference in results between hand and machine washing. Machine washing your car leaves your car looking dull and scratched, whereas hand washing your car will enable you to lift all the tiny dirt particles off the paint surface. Therefore, resulting in a truly clean, and if done right, scratch-free car.

Let me ask you this, if someone came up to you with a bucket of muddy water and a rock hard sponge and asked you if he could wash your car, how would you react? Not so keen for that are you? Well that is basically what you are doing at an automated car wash, just with a more diluted solution.