Why is it important to wax your car?

Most people who love their cars and enjoy cleaning them, have heard that they should wax them but they are almost never told what the true importance of waxing your car is. So, let’s delve into 3 reasons why it is important to wax your car.

1.    Protection:

This is probably the most important reason for waxing your car. When you buy your car from the dealer, the car usually comes with a wax layer over the paint. This wax layer keeps the paint flexible and thereby prevents the paint from cracking. As you drive with the car, various elements such as dirt, oxidation, bird excrement etc., all damage this wax layer until it is worked off completely. It is also important to note your car’s wax layer is also removed simply by washing your car enough times. So, ironically, by trying to take care of your car you eventually remove its protective layer of wax.

Without this protective layer, cars are susceptible to rusting, paint cracks, acid burns from bird excrement, etc.

That is why you should – at least every two months or so - reapply a new layer of wax to ensure that your car’s paint remains flexible and is protected from the elements. You may need to apply wax more often than every two months, depending on the wear and tear your car endures on your daily commute. I, myself, wax my car at least once a month to be safe.

2.    Beauty:

I think this reason is quite self-explanatory, but it truly is a valid reason to wax your car.

Wax does not only protect your car’s paint coat, it also acts as a type of polish that removes any light contaminations (light swirl marks and dullness) from the surface of your paint. In so doing, the wax actually beautifies the surface of your paint and gives it that show room gloss.

3.    Ease of maintenance:

As I said earlier, wax gives your car a smooth, shiny, protective layer on top of your paint. This means dirt won’t be able to grip onto your paint’s surface and therefore it will be a lot easier to clean your car the next time you have to. In fact, some waxes are so good that you can actually spray the dirt off of your car with a pressure washer and your car will look clean! (This is not recommended however, rather hand wash your car!)

Furthermore, a waxed surface will prevent water from sticking to your car and create what is called a beading effect. This is where the water actually makes little drops on the paint and rolls off rather than drying in little dots, leaving dirty water spots all over the car.

Lastly, a waxed surface is not only easier to clean, but it is also easier to dry. Due to the beading effect, most of the water runs off the paint surface, meaning that it will be much easier to towel dry (with a Microfibre towel that is) your car since there will be less moisture to absorb.

After looking at these three reasons, it is quite clear why anyone who loves their car will want to wax their car. Truth be told, waxing your car really only takes about 15-20 min. anyway, so why not do it?