Car Detailing Articles > 5 TIPS FOR DETAILING YOUR CAR


1.    Pre-wash rinse:

Now, you might tell me that it is common knowledge that you should rinse your car before starting to wash it, but do you know how to rinse it? Yes, there is a specific way to do this. It is best to start at the top of the vehicle and spray from the top down ensuring all the dirt is sprayed off the car and not just splashed somewhere else.


2.    Microfiber is the only way:

Time and again it has been proven that washing your car with microfiber towels is the best way to go. They absorb the most soap; pick-up the tiniest particles of dirt; leave the least soap streaks and dry the best. If you were asking me, I would tell you to use microfiber towels for everything from washing to drying to polishing etc. (Naturally, there are different densities for specific applications.)


3.    Two-bucket method:

If you’ve always washed your car with only one bucket, then you’ve probably noticed the swirl marks that your car has after washing it. The two-bucket method helps to prevent these annoying swirl marks. The method works as follows: fill one bucket with hot water and car shampoo, and fill the other with clean water (usually also hot water). Then, after every washing, you should rinse your microfiber towel (or mitt) in the clean water and soak it in the soapy water again before continuing. This cleans all the residual dirt off your mitt before washing again, thereby preventing small scratches and swirl marks.

4.    Be patient:

When you detail your car, don’t be in a hurry. Especially when it gets to the application of your products. Most products take a while to start working after you apply them (degreaser especially), and if you wash them off too quickly they will not work as effectively as you wish. Always remember to take your time when it gets to cleaning your car, this will ensure all your products work the way they are supposed to and your car will look better than ever because of it.

5.    Clay- barring:

Have you ever noticed those little imperfections your paint has, even after you wash and polish your car? Well, that’s usually because there is dirt trapped in the paint. The only way to get your car’s paint surface completely clean is by using a clay bar. The clay bar is made of a specially formulated sticky clay that you rub over the car’s top layer of paint which then picks up dirt that we didn’t even know was there. The biggest thing to remember here is toknead your clay often and also to ensure that the surface is always well lubricated, to prevent the clay bar from getting stuck.

These five tips are simple and straightforward, but they will help you obtain better results when you clean your car.