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From Michael Rusetos

Your Carnu-B wax helped me win first place in my 1990 Chevrolet Corvette at a car show last weekend!  AWAW2013 Corvette with Trophy  Michael Rusetos, Nampa, ID AWAWAWARAWARD WINNING CAR WAX

From Michael Rusetos

"Your Carnu-B wax helped me win first place in my 1990 Chevrolet Corvette at a car show last weekend!"

2013 Corvette with Trophy                    Michael Rusetos  Nampa, ID

Auto enthusiasts call Carnu-B carnauba wax the "best car polish" for a wetter, deeper look. 

When taking care of your car is as much about pride as it is investment, no ordinary, off-the-shelf car wax will do.  You want the best car polish that uses extraordinary ingredients to clean, remove light oxidation, protect and bring your paint job to a slick, high-gloss shine.

That's why professional detailers use Carnu-B carnauba wax to get awesome results without all the hassle.

Back in the 80's I detailed professionally and presently, I just want to have an awesome shine on my vehicles. So over-hyped underachieving products are no surprise to me! I have used them all. I have tried the cheap auto store brands as well as the expensive specialty waxes and sealant. Then I discovered Carnu-B polish. My search for the perfect product is over. This polish does everything they claim and more. Absolutely effortless to apply and remove. No powder when removing. A dripping wet appearance to the paint finish. Works as well on solid colors as on metallic paint. In fact, carnu-b polish makes the metallics seem like they are ready to jump out of the clear coat! The surface is extremely smooth. I did my auto glass inside and out and my windows actually shine...it is incredible. It shines chrome trim and my wheels as well. Brake dust doesn't even stick to my rims as much as before. I am quite jaded when it comes to waxes and polishes. I have always liked the warm gloss that can only be obtained by carnauba. I just detailed my neighbors royal blue Prius with the Carnu-B and she says whatever I used this time on her car that is what she wants used all the time! She could actually tell that I used a different product.Get a bottle and be prepared to be amazed.Finally an honest product that does what it says it does, sold by nice people that take the time to answer any and all questions. Maybe your search will end as well." Scott Elliott, Van Nuys, CA  

As you saw in the video above, Carnu-B's special formula makes the surface of your car as slick as glass and shiny enough to see your reflection because it uses no clay fillers. Plus it is ultra-easy to apply.



Carnu-B is truly a car care wax that does it all.

  • Removes tar, bug splats, bird stains, tree sap and road film
  • Removes light oxidation & discoloration and restores shine
  • Safe on clear coats… can bring older cars back to life - so long as it has paint still on it.
  • Protects against sun fading
  • Resists water spots because of its water-sheeting action
  • Apply it wet or dry
  • Easily wipes on, wipes off… doesn't need to dry
  • Wax your whole car at once or in sections
  • No need for buffing wheels or special applicators
  • Competitively priced
  • Use on cars, vans, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, boats, glass & more
  • Works 5 times better than RainX on windshields, headlights, windows, shower stalls, tile and more.
  • Up to 6 applications per bottle depending on your climate/conditions

"This is indeed the best car polish I have ever tried.I have always waxed my own cars for many, many years. I take a lot of pleasure in doing it. But with the Carnu-B wax this is not only a pleasure but it obviously prolongs the life of the paint coat. I have a hobby of keeping my old cars looking great. I really see how this product is going to make that hobby more fun." -- Javier G, Sunland, CA 



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 "Love your wax; it’s the only one I use on my classic Original 1969 Pontiac GTO " -- Dan Gemignani, San Mateo, Ca.


                            Original 1969 Pontiac GTO Front View

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How can Carnu-B do all this? It comes naturally!

Carnauba car wax comes from the palm trees of Brazil. This is the same wax that naturally protects the leaves of this tree in the rainforest and gives them a gorgeous sheen. Often called the Queen of Waxes, carnauba wax is well-known for its ability to produce a glossy shine.

While you wouldn't want 100% carnauba wax on your car (because it's brittle and hard) you do want Carnu-B! Its unique formula of carnauba and other exceptional ingredients gets rave reviews by professional detailers and proud car enthusiasts nationwide. Carnu-B is frequently hailed as "the best car polish"… period.


 "Carnu-B's superior shine is evident in the brighter colors and greater detail you see in the reflections in your car's surfaces. It also really sparked up the metallic flakes in my Z's silver finish. And it completely cleared up the "foggy" headlight lenses on my wife's six-year-old Lexus for a few cents--a lot cheaper than the kits and specialized products I found on the Web.

"I also found it much easier to apply and take off than other wax products I've used. (Even talked my wife into doing a patch!)  It seals very nicely and water just sheets off." -- Jon Von Guten, Los Angeles, CA

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   2002 350 Z Hood - before applying wax            2002 350 Z Hood - after applying wax 
after applying wax                                             

 OriOriginalOrigianOriginTryCarnu-B car care wax for 30-days risk free and see for yourself what an amazing job it does on vehicles of every age. You'll save time and get better results than your current car wax or we will refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.               



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Carnu-B Quick Detail Spray Wax is a special formula that removes surface dust, fingerprints and smudges from your vehicle and works great for that in-between-waxing shine.




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