Carnauba  Car  Wax and other Car Care Products
Carnauba Car Wax,Leather Care,Car Wash,Aluminum Polish                                                                                          

 Carnu-B™ Carnauba Car Wax

The superior ingredients in Carnu-B Carnauba Car Wax dissolves discoloration and light oxidation that ordinary car soaps don't remove, while it leaves a protective coating.  Eliminates tar, tree sap, road film, bug splats and bird stains.

With no clay fillers your car will have an ultra-high-gloss shine and mirror-like luster without excess dust and powder. Goes on smooth and easy and wipes off with practically no effort.


Carnu-B Coconut Creme Protectant™

When you want the inside to look as great as the outside of your car, leather care is a must. When you find a multipurpose product that also protects vinyl and rubber, it's a must-have. Carnu-B Coconut Creme Protectant™ is a safe and effective blend of emollients, plasticizers, penetrants and UV blockers specially formulated to protect, rejuvenate and restore the surfaces of your car. 

This leather care formula renews the original beauty and luster of vinyl, rubber, and polished leather. Its unique blend of ingredients helps increase the vitality and the life expectancy of these surfaces because it actually penetrates to replace important plasticizers which keep vinyl and rubber as soft, supple and colorful as the day they were installed. Air and rain-born soils do not stick, making cleaning much easier.


Carnu-B Conditioning Auto Shampoo™

Carnu-B Conditioning Auto Shampoo™ is a technically superior car wash soap that cleans your vehicle without harming the environment.

Using biodegradable cleaning agents that effectively lift away dirt, road tar, bugs and other environmental pollutants, this professional-grade car wash soap conditions your car's finish every time you wash your car without stripping the wax.



Carnu-B Metal Shine™

Carnu-B Metal Shine™ is an aluminum polish that chemically cleans and removes oxidation from aluminum and other metal surfaces without scratching or marring.

Carnu-B Metal Shine™ removes EXTREME oxidation on painted surfaces and fiberglass while also eliminating brake dust build up.

This professionally formulated aluminum polish contains aluminum oxide, a mild abrasive, but will not scratch high-polished aluminum wheels or other surfaces.



Great for:
  • Bumpers
  • Wheels
  • Grills
  • Exhaust Pipe's Chrome
  • Chrome Fixtures
Used on:
1.      Aluminum
2.      Chrome
3.      Gold
4.      Silver
5.      Platinum
6.      Copper
7.      Palladium
8.      Bronze
9.      Brass


Carnu-B Quick Detail Spray Wax 

    Carnu-B Quick Detail Spray is a special formula that removes surface dust, fingerprints and smudges from your vehicle while leaving a clean glossy finish.

It’s easy to use and works great for that in-between-waxing shine. It takes about 10 minutes to spray and wipe a car down after a rainstorm or being on the road… basically anytime there is any dust on the car or you just want to shine it up again